What to do with Furniture When Getting New Flooring

Great question! We'll fill you in on the best way you can help in terms of furniture when preparing for flooring installation. 

Do Flooring Installers Move Furniture

This is one of our most commonly asked flooring questions. The answer is, it depends on who your local flooring company is. More often than not, your flooring installation team does offer furniture moving services. For example, Floorscapes does. If we're moving all of the furniture, our team charges by the square footage of the room. On the other hand, if we're just moving a few large pieces, we charge per piece. Floorscapes understands that sometimes, there just isn't space to move all the furniture to another location. That's okay, our team can work around the furniture and move it while we work. 

What to do with Furniture when Getting New Flooring

Unplug Cords

Seems like a simple enough task, but when it comes to untangling what's behind the TV, you never know what you're going to run into. Keep in mind, Floorscapes counts on the wifi remaining plugged in. Just consolidate as much as possible. 

Remove Extra Items

Removing items from shelves, drawers, and the tops of furniture is crucial. From books and supplies to fragile items and picture frames, removing as much as possible is key. Not only does it make items lighter, but it also ensures nothing is broken during transportation. 

Move What you Can 

Think kitchen chairs, nightstands, area rugs, and coffee tables. Moving smaller items to a room or area that isn't getting new floors is extremely helpful and helps streamline the flooring installation process. As for the rest, Floorscapes can take care of it! 
Hardwood Flooring Installation Stow Ohio

Caring for New Floors

After installing new floors, of course the idea is to keep the floors in the best condition possible. Floorscapes works with our clients prior to installation to decide what type of flooring is best based on location and everyday factors such as pets. However, extra effort to keep the floors in top-notch condition never hurts. Floorscapes recommends putting felt pads on the bottom of furniture legs and corners. The best part? If you purchase the pads ahead of time and let us know ahead of time, we'll install them before we leave.   
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