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Laminate Flooring Installation | Starting with the Basics

Are you trying to decide if laminate flooring is the right fit for you? Let our flooring experts guide you to make the right decision! Laminate flooring has quickly become a popular choice among homeowners. This flooring is made of several layers that are sealed together with resin in a lamination process. The multi-layer flooring is durable and great for any room, but especially for high-traffic areas.
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Laminate Flooring Layers

The resin-sealed strong layers give customers peace of mind knowing they have a solid, durable material that will withstand the family’s impact. We value our customers' understanding of exactly what they’re purchasing. Let us break down each layer of laminate flooring for you from top to bottom.

Wear Layer
The top layer is made of aluminum oxides to protect against fading, stains, daily wear, and surface burns. The smooth top finish provides an easy-to-clean surface.

Design Layer
This layer contains a high-resolution printed image that gives the textured appearance by recreating the look of wood, tile, or stone.

Core Layer
The high-density board gives laminate its structure. This layer is made of dent-resistant properties to protect it from indentations and moisture.

Back Layer
The bottom layer provides additional support and stability by protecting planks against moisture.
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Laminate Flooring After Care

There isn't a one size fits all when it comes to the best cleaning products for laminate flooring. Every flooring manufacturer has specific recommendations and/or products to use for each brand of laminate.  However, we can suggest our customers follow some easy and important steps to ensure their floors look great for many years to come.

Using adhesive pads is a great addition to the bottom of furniture or appliances to ensure they don’t scratch and harm the floor. Another great tip is to keep your indoor animals' nails groomed to prevent scratches from forming. Sweeping the floors regularly ensures that dust, dirt, sand, hair, or other materials don’t scratch and wear down the top surface. Some laminate flooring is waterproof, but not all. If your laminate is not waterproof make sure to wipe any water or liquid dry from the floor to prevent swelling and warping.

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The Floorscapes Way

Our local floorists provide customers with the best professional floor installation and ease of mind with any questions or concerns along the way. We work with our customers from beginning to end of the installation process to ensure their happiness and satisfaction.

Floorscapes' flooring experts start each job with a consultation to find out what our customer needs and what flooring will fit their lifestyle and budget the best. If our customer likes the look of hardwood but needs something a bit more cost-effective, we recommend our selection of durable laminates. Laminate flooring has many choices of shades and textures for the customer to choose from and includes the option to be waterproof. option

Our professional flooring installers inspect your current floor plan to look for gaps, creaking, or any other areas that may need to be fixed before starting your flooring project. We make the installation easy for you by bringing our high-end tools, hardware, and supplies to get the job done. When we have finished the project, our team will dispose of the products for you. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy your beautiful brand-new flooring!