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Hardwood floors have been one of the most popular flooring surfaces for centuries because of its versatility, functionality, and design. Properly installed hardwood floors have a classic elegance and can pair with any décor style. They give your home an inherent natural charm with beauty, warmth, and timeless character. Hiring hardwood flooring contractors helps ensure a beautiful installation and long-lasting floor.

Professional Hardwood Floor Installation Services

One of the great things about hardwood flooring installations is that they never go out of style! Hardwood has survived all the tests of time and serves as an instant connection between a home interior and the natural world. Hiring hardwood flooring contractors helps ensure a beautiful installation and long-lasting floor.

All hardwood flooring installs begin with the subfloor. Our hardwood flooring contractors have the knowledge and ability to fix any issues that may arise while assessing the condition of your subflooring. If there is an underlying issue in the subfloor, such as cupping or sinking, our hardwood floor installers have the knowledge and ability to fix it. Your floor is a work of art and we will treat it as such.

The Process Every Hardwood Floor Contractor Should Know 

When getting new hardwood floors in your home, the installation is the most disruptive part of the process. You can expect noise and traffic in your home as our hardwood flooring contractors place each plank. Floorscapes ensures that each wood plank installed has been acclimated to their environment for 72 hours prior to installation. This is a crucial step to the installation process to ensure your new flooring will last for many, many years to come. Even a subtle difference in climate can cause your flooring materials to expand and contract.

Forcing a flooring product into a space before it acclimates can result in gaps, buckling, and other undesirable—and unnecessary—headaches. Acclimation takes a little extra time, but it’s important to assuring the quality of our product and handiwork.
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Going the Extra Mile

While installing your new hardwood floors, dust and mess is inevitable. However, with Floorscapes, you can count on our floor installers to always respect your home every step of the way. We will never leave a mess for you to clean up and often clean as we go. To us, cleanliness is part of our respect for you and your home. We promise to always respect your space and leave your home clean.

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Floorscapes Installation Specialists Inc. is a Better Business Bureau-accredited business and has achieved a Top Rated ranking from HomeAdvisor. Additionally, our team contractors come bonded and insured. Thus being added qualities to our expertise on all things flooring. 

Now that you know how a flooring contractor can help you and where to find one, call Floorscapes today! Let’s discuss the size of your project, what you need out of flooring, and what you envision. Together we’ll create the interior of your dreams!
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