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How to Prepare for New Flooring Installation

If you're getting ready for a new flooring installation, here's how to prepare your home ahead of time. 
Preparing for floor installation


How to Prepare for Flooring Installation _ Garage Icon
A cleared and easily accessible parking for for our crew -- Preferably in front of the garage or front door path if possible.
How to Prepare for Flooring Installation _ 100 sq. Ft.
Approximately a 10’x10’ of cleared space for us to set up our tools. The garage or patio are great spots especially in the winter months!
How to Prepare for Flooring Installation _ Lamp Icon
Removal of any fragile/small items such as picture frames, desk lamps, vases, toiletries, etc. from areas of installaion.
How to Prepare for Flooring Installation _ Hair Dryer Icon
Emptying of shelves or drawers belonging to furniture that is expected to be moved during installation process.
How to Prepare for Flooring Installation _ T shirt Icon
Please keep flooring clear of any totes, boxes, laundry, or any other individual items that may be found in small spaces such as closets, pantries, cubby holes, etc.
How to Prepare for Flooring Installation _ Pawprint Icon (1)
For our furry friends, a planned routine including their daily location during the workday, a route to be let out, and a designated feeding station is extremely helpful.
How to Prepare for Flooring Installation _ Chair Icon
If you’d like felt and/or rubber pads to be applied to furniture after installation, please have the pads on hand by the day of job completion.
How to Prepare for Flooring Installation _ Electrical Plug Icon
Unplug electronics such as the TV, computer, VCR (throwback), and lamps. Additionally, if we are working in the kitchen, laundry room, or bathrooms; plumbing and gas lines need to be disconnected.
How to Prepare for Flooring Installation _ Paint Bucket Icon
If you’ve selected to paint your own trim, please have all trim painted and dried by the day of install.
How to Prepare for Flooring Installation _ Plier Icon
If you’ve selected to remove your own trim, please ensure all trim is removed with the nails pulled from walls prior to our arrival.
How to Prepare for Flooring Installation _ Kitchen Icon
Due to the dust that naturally happens during a home project, make sure that all food is put away from kitchen counters if we’re working nearby.
How to Prepare for Flooring Installation _ Paintbrush Icon
If we utilize plastic or zip walls, though we are extremely cautious, there is a possibility that touch up paint will be needed after project completion.
How to Prepare for Flooring Installation _ Barefoot Icon
Our team cleans up our workspace at the end of a days work. However, please keep in mind that this is a job site. Don’t walk around barefoot throughout project duration.

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Franc Painting LLC
Franc Painting LLC
Tom with Floorscapes INC is incredibly experienced and trustworthy! I highly recommend them for all your new flooring needs. You’ll be in great hands!
James Belland
James Belland
I am a HUGE fan of Floorscapes!! Quality service in a timely manner. Tom is always responsive to my needs and goes above and beyond to help me make the best decision. I will always refer clients and personal friends and family their way because I know they are going to be taken care of. Thank you Floorscapes!!
Maureen Latkovich
Maureen Latkovich
Very impressed with this company. Service, quality, friendliness, attentiveness, communication. Highly recommend.
Karla Lane
Karla Lane
Great customer service from start to completion. Great communication along the way, and they worked with our schedule and situation seamlessly. Amazing flooring!! We are super happy customers and would recommend them to anyone for their flooring needs.
Brian Fowkes
Brian Fowkes
Excellent work done by a very professional team! This is a first-rate operation from the office staff to the installers. Dan, Brianna, James, Tom, John, Brooke, Kayla and Jim are all very friendly and very accommodating. They all are very good at what they do! They paid attention to every detail and went above and beyond to make sure things looked great and we were happy with the result. I would highly recommend Floorscapes to anyone.
Frances Hardesty
Frances Hardesty
Great product, price, install. Would recommend your business to anyone interested in professional install. Steve Hardesty
Steve Schott
Steve Schott
Absolutely the best there is! By far, the cleanest flooring project I've ever seen. Thank you!
Judy Darbey
Judy Darbey
Floorscapes came to our rescue in February 2024 after a major bathroom leak. They were referred to us by another local vendor. We stopped in Floorscapes' Twinsburg showroom and met with Brooke. We were impressed. She helped us pick out a PVT and set up an appointment for a measurement with Jim Love (owner) for the following day .  He was wonderful. Jim offered options and gave us a quote the same day. We were so pleased, we signed on immediately. It should be noted that we previously sought out quotes from other vendors and NONE offered the stellar customer service as did the Floorscapes' crew. Within 2 days, the crew was at our home hard at work. What a team! On time, respectful of property and professional. Shout out to John, James, Jim, Jon, Brianna, Brooke and other team members not mentioned. They completed the project in five days and we are delighted. We highly recommend Floorscapes. You will not be disappointed.

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