Professional Flooring Installers

Sure, DIY is fun and budget friendly.  However, is it the best choice for you?

DIY vs Professional Flooring Installers

Whether you're a new home owner or have been in your house for years, you know the power and flare a fresh floor can bring to your living space.  Like many home projects, flooring can be accomplished DIY or professionally. Plus, there's nothing quite like the feeling of looking at a sweet finished project and knowing YOU did that.  

However, there are many factors to keep in mind before trying to take on flooring installation yourself. Factors to consider before making a decision include the location, the type of flooring, and the condition of the subfloor.   

Factors to Consider

Location of The Floor 

Depending on the location of the floor, i.e. bathroom vs. hallway, there are considerations to take into account. For example, moisture level makes a massive impact. Only certain types of flooring can withstand the water damage that is sure to occur. Additionally, it's important to consider the skill level that goes into stairs, cutouts, fireplaces, and other difficult to navigate spaces.  
Professional Flooring Installation in Stow

Flooring Type 

As you know, there are many types of flooring in addition to colors, cuts, and character grades. Hardwood, engineered hardwood, tile, LVP, LVT, and laminate are the most popular flooring types. Each one has a unique flooring installation process that you must be familiar with prior to taking on installation.

Subfloor Repair 

Ah, subfloor.  The condition of the subfloor can either be a sigh of relief or a heave of panic. From mold and water damage to unlevel surfaces and bowing, subfloors can add a number of issues that need attention before attempting a new installation. 
Flooring Refinish and Stain
Get in Touch

DIY Flooring Perks

• Budget-Friendly 
• You Choose the Timing 
• Add Help When you Need it
• Avoid Sales Pressure 
• The Pride of Self-Completion

Professional Flooring Perks

• Effective Professional Installation    
• Access to an Array of Flooring Products 
• High-End Tools, Hardware, and Supplies
• Flooring Removal and Disposal 
• Subflooring Expertise  

Professional Flooring Installers: 
Do You Need Them? 

This is the question of the day.  What it all boils down to is are the factors we went over earlier: Flooring location, flooring type, and subfloor condition. Additionally, keep in mind the pros and cons of each. Some flooring professionals can be pushy and laser focused on selling their products. Others, like Floorscapes of Northeast Ohio, are laser-focused on ensuring their clients are happy whether it means installing their products or products that the client has already bought. 

DIY Flooring provides a sense of pride like no other. Knowing that YOU accomplished that gorgeous new flooring is something to truly be proud of. Plus, it's on your budget and your time. However, if you are installing a more difficult product like tile or hardwood, it might not be worth the risk of messing up not only the floor entirely, but also the product itself. Yet to mention, subfloor can be a bear. 

So, what's the best path? One idea can be to consult with a flooring specialist. Experts can take a look at your current floor, look for gaps or creaking that may point towards issues with your subfloor and the need for repairs. Additionally, flooring teams can point out difficult areas such as stairs and fireplaces that will take a certain level of time and expertise. At the end of the day, the choice is up to you. Regardless of your decision, best of luck and enjoy your new floor!
Chase Foster
Chase Foster
Great people; Great service; Great prices
Bryan Leonard
Bryan Leonard
I've used Jim and the team for three jobs and have been appreciative of their quality of work, level of communication, and willingness to work with me to determine the best combination of options for each project. Highly recommended.
Pat LoPresti
Pat LoPresti
The whole team was amazing. Always kept me updated and all appointments were on time and the work was done to perfection. I highly recommend floorscapes! Best true Customer service and professional team that you can find in any business. 5 stars aren’t enough - they are what the definition of total customer satisfaction standards should be. As a bonus -everyone on the team is genuinely friendly and caring.
Rachel Burns
Rachel Burns
Jim and the team were great to work with. They made time to answer our questions and to walk through the project details. They made adjustments when needed and were transparent in the progress. We are very happy with the end result. They put in new flooring for the first floor and removed existing flooring and carpet.
Chip McClintock
Chip McClintock
TDWTSTWD!!!! (They do what they say they will do)!! 110% A+ regarding always know when they're coming! They are INCREDIBLY responsive. We love our floors! Nothing is inexpensive anymore; and what they do is not the easiest of jobs (I, too, am a I know what they are up against)! You get what you pay for!!! I'm not sugar coating anything (other than my donut); there's no horsing around or sales tricks or anything with Floorscapes, again..........TDWTSTWD!!
Marcus Replogle
Marcus Replogle
The Floorscapes group is the best! If you’re looking for a quality driven group of individuals this is the place to go for anything flooring.
Debbie Bernauer
Debbie Bernauer
We love our new floors from Floorscapes! From picking out the best flooring for our situation through the installation process, they could not have been better. Not only are they very knowledgeable and professional, but every person we dealt with was very friendly and responded quickly to any questions we had. Three of my family members have used Floorscapes over the last two years, and each one of us have had wonderful experiences. I highly recommend them. They really are the BEST!
Pat Nelson
Pat Nelson
I had the pleasure of having Nate from FoorScapes put in a bathroom tile floor for me. The job Nate did exceeded my expectations!
Leslie Snowball
Leslie Snowball
Excellent service in installing Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring on entire first floor and addressing repair issue promptly. Love our floor!
Dorothy Mick
Dorothy Mick
Work was done beautifully. I had old carpeting removed from my spare bedroom/craft room and a wood floor installed. I love it. Scheduling was a little fluid but I understand complications can arise. They'll be doing another room for me next month.
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