Prepare for Flooring Installation

An answer to the question that makes
all of our lives easier: "How to Prepare for
Flooring Installation?"

How to Get Ready for a Flooring Install

We like to prepare our customers as much as we can before any installation. Whether it's hardwood flooring or LVP, we've got you covered. Taking these simple steps in advance ensures our customers peace of mind throughout project duration. Meanwhile, you help provide your Flooring Installation team an efficient and effective workspace. We thank you in advance!


A clear and easily accessible parking space for our crew, preferably outside the garage or near the front walkway, is ideal.


A crew needs about a 10’x10’ area of cleared space for flooring installation tool setup. Garages or patios are great spots!


We bring in a team of hired professionals to disconnect water or gas lines. Our clients can disconnect themselves if they want!


Please remove any fragile/small items such as artwork, knick-knacks, vases, toiletries, etc. from areas of installation.


Please empty shelves or drawers belonging to furniture that is pre-determined to be moved during installation.


Please keep flooring clear of totes, laundry, or any other items that may be found in small spaces such as closets, pantries, etc.


For pets, plan a daily location during the workday, a route to be let out, and a designated feeding station. It is extremely helpful.


Please unplug electronics such as the TV, computer, VCR (throwback), and lamps. With work from home, we understand WiFi is a must, we can work around it! 


If you’d like felt and/or rubber pads to be applied to furniture after installation, please have the pads on hand by the day of job completion.

Professional Flooring Installers: 
Do You Need Them? 

Look, we're going to be honest: we're pretty sure that 50% of our customers (at least at the beginning) think that our job is to just "slap down a floor and leave." Whether it's a straight forward job or not, Floorscapes takes it a lot more seriously than that. In a previous blog, we cover DIY vs. Professional Flooring Installation. 

Floorscapes provides floor leveling services, floor prep services, flooring mitigation services, custom trim work, and more.  However, if it is a semi-straight forward job that requires tear up, minimal floor prep, flooring installation, and trim installation, we offer flooring installation analysis services. Floorscapes can steer you in the right direction if you decide the go the DIY route. Just let us know!  
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Chase Foster
Chase Foster
Great people; Great service; Great prices
Bryan Leonard
Bryan Leonard
I've used Jim and the team for three jobs and have been appreciative of their quality of work, level of communication, and willingness to work with me to determine the best combination of options for each project. Highly recommended.
Pat LoPresti
Pat LoPresti
The whole team was amazing. Always kept me updated and all appointments were on time and the work was done to perfection. I highly recommend floorscapes! Best true Customer service and professional team that you can find in any business. 5 stars aren’t enough - they are what the definition of total customer satisfaction standards should be. As a bonus -everyone on the team is genuinely friendly and caring.
Rachel Burns
Rachel Burns
Jim and the team were great to work with. They made time to answer our questions and to walk through the project details. They made adjustments when needed and were transparent in the progress. We are very happy with the end result. They put in new flooring for the first floor and removed existing flooring and carpet.
Chip McClintock
Chip McClintock
TDWTSTWD!!!! (They do what they say they will do)!! 110% A+ regarding always know when they're coming! They are INCREDIBLY responsive. We love our floors! Nothing is inexpensive anymore; and what they do is not the easiest of jobs (I, too, am a I know what they are up against)! You get what you pay for!!! I'm not sugar coating anything (other than my donut); there's no horsing around or sales tricks or anything with Floorscapes, again..........TDWTSTWD!!
Marcus Replogle
Marcus Replogle
The Floorscapes group is the best! If you’re looking for a quality driven group of individuals this is the place to go for anything flooring.
Debbie Bernauer
Debbie Bernauer
We love our new floors from Floorscapes! From picking out the best flooring for our situation through the installation process, they could not have been better. Not only are they very knowledgeable and professional, but every person we dealt with was very friendly and responded quickly to any questions we had. Three of my family members have used Floorscapes over the last two years, and each one of us have had wonderful experiences. I highly recommend them. They really are the BEST!
Pat Nelson
Pat Nelson
I had the pleasure of having Nate from FoorScapes put in a bathroom tile floor for me. The job Nate did exceeded my expectations!
Leslie Snowball
Leslie Snowball
Excellent service in installing Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring on entire first floor and addressing repair issue promptly. Love our floor!
Dorothy Mick
Dorothy Mick
Work was done beautifully. I had old carpeting removed from my spare bedroom/craft room and a wood floor installed. I love it. Scheduling was a little fluid but I understand complications can arise. They'll be doing another room for me next month.
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