Sheoga Hardwood Flooring

Not all hardwood flooring is created equally. High-quality materials, the art of craftsmanship, and unique final touches are what sets some of the best hardwood flooring brands apart.

American Made Flooring Products

As a local flooring installation company and retailer, Floorscapes can't help but promote local, American-made flooring manufacturers. 

Of course, there are some more really great brands of hardwood out there. However, when it comes to recommending a hardwood floor manufacturer, Sheoga is always at the front of our minds. 

Sheoga Hardwood Flooring

From traditional 2 1/4" hardwood flooring to the popular, 7+ inch wide-plank hardwood, Sheoga has it all. Yet to mention, species include red oak, beech, cherry, hickory, maple, walnut, and white oak. 

Engineered Wood Flooring

The average wear layer of engineered wood flooring is around 3 mm. Sheoga engineered hardwood provides an impressive 5.25 mm wear layer. In other words, any future sanding and refinishing is a breeze. 

Pre-Finished & Raw Hardwood

If we're starting with a blank canvas, you'll absolutely find an incredible solid or engineered hardwood floor product that suites your taste. However, if you're trying to match an existing floor, raw hardwood might be the way to go. Next steps include matching the width, determining the grade, and finding a stain that's as close as possible to the existing flooring. 


From solid or engineered to traditional and wide-plank widths, Sheoga has more to offer. A hard-earned reputation for craftsmanship is undeniably displayed in the various flooring textures Sheoga offers. Define your style and find the character of flooring that best suites your style. Yet to mention, Sheoga also makes custom flooring vents and transitions.  

Ready to find the best solid hardwood flooring for your project?


Custom Stairs

It's very common for clients to want to run hardwood throughout the majority of the house, including a second story if there is one. I know what you're thinking, that's a LOT of hardwood. We don't mean every single aspect of the floor is hardwood.  Bathrooms often transition into tile or LVT. Meanwhile, bedrooms often transition into carpet. All of that to say, it's typical for stair landings to be hardwood in this scenario. A cohesive staircase makes for a seamless transition from one level to the next. 

Luckily, Floorscapes provides custom staircases and Sheoga makes our job really easy. In addition to the custom floor vents and transitions, Sheoga also creates matching stair noses and treads.  Meaning, whether you choose a white oak, cat-tail, character-grade floor or a clear-grade hickory, there's a straightforward stair solution. 

Stain to Match

Oftentimes, hardwood flooring providers aren't as well thought out as Sheoga. That doesn't mean we can't make it work! Without the luxury of matching accessories, such as treads and vent covers, Floorscapes seeks out a stain and finish for the wood species that is as close of a match as possible. 
Proud to be a retailer of

Top Flooring Brands

Floorscapes began solely as a flooring installation company. After countless clients sought our opinion of flooring brands, we figured why not expand our horizons a bit? After all, we want to make your experience with Floorscapes as simple and worthwhile as possible. So, we grew relationships with some of the best flooring brands in the industry and now we proudly have a showroom located in Twinsburg, Ohio. 

Floorscapes' local flooring showroom proudly features brands we trust to install with confidence. You'll find Sheoga flooring, ManningtonĀ® flooring, Karndean flooring, Ambient, and more at Floorscapes' showroom! 

Schedule a Floor Showroom Visit

We prefer for customers to schedule a visit to our local flooring showroom. Why? Well, we want the best team member for the job to be there to chat with you about pros and cons of products for the specific installation you have in mind. 

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