Flooring Installation Services

Looking for flooring installation services near me? Floorscapes is your go to crew of local flooring installers. Located in Twinsburg, we proudly serve Northeast Ohio.


Floorscapes takes a lot of pride in being a locally owned and operated flooring installation company. We're continuously striving towards bettering ourselves and our process. When it comes to the flooring installation process, we have it down exceptionally well. Each of our flooring projects includes floor prep to the necessary degree as well as custom trim and molding services.  
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Hardwood Floor Installation

Floorscapes is NWFA certified and follows the NWFA standards of hardwood flooring installation. Whether it's solid hardwood or engineered, we got you covered. 

LVP Installation 

LVP has made a massive comeback in the past few years and is one of our most common requests. Available in planks and tiles, luxury vinyl has some extremely aesthetic options. 

Laminate Installation

Along with LVP, laminate flooring installation is a great option for durability and cost effectiveness. Additionally, laminate is available in countless colors and textures. 

Tile Flooring Installation

A known staple in bathrooms and mudrooms, tile flooring is an extremely durable option that withstands a lot of wear and tear when installed properly. 

Floor Prep Services

From floor leveling to moisture mitigation, Floorscapes has earned a reputation for some of the best floor prep services in the industry. 

Custom Stairs

Floorscapes can install any type of flooring on staircases. Additionally, Floorscapes also offers custom railings and banisters. 

Custom Trim and Moldings

When installing new floors, there's a number of trim options including shoe molding, sourcing and painting new baseboard, and everything in between!


We'd love to install your next floor.

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