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The Floorscapes Way

With nearly 15 years of experience, Floorscapes has encountered nearly every type of flooring problem. Still, every job that we face is unique. We have to take into account flooring location, home condition, material needs, and aesthetics, just to name a few! To make sure we exceed all expectations, we conduct a preliminary visit to each job prior to issuing a proposal. Then, the flooring process begins.
“Floorscapes are my go to guys for any flooring project.”

1. Plan

Our team takes the time to learn our client’s likes, dislikes, and needs from a flooring project. Factors from flooring location to pets all impact the flooring choice. We take into account the home and its history to ensure a top-notch installation. Designing a floor begins with the history of the house and precise measurements. We carefully measure and consider each transition while mapping out our floor plans.
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2. Prep

Preparation is crucial to completing an installation project timely and accurately. Beginning with the project timeline all the way to material acclimation and subfloor preparation, we plan for every aspect and never cut corners. The Floorscapes team undergoes thorough training at the start of joining our team to learn proper preparation of the subfloor to eliminate any future risks prior to installation.

3. Execute

Thanks to our planning and preparation, and of course our experience, the final step is a piece of cake! Floorscapes aligns our methods with regard to the latest standards in the flooring industry. We craft seamless final installations from the fit of the floor itself to final touches such as custom trims and moldings. Our team leaves you with a clean home and superior flooring that lasts for years to come!

Where We Began

Floorscapes Inc. started in 2006 as a subcontracting company for a number of the big box stores across Northeast Ohio. We wanted to show our support for the local, flooring-specific stores. Therefore, we set out to build relationships within the community. Along the way, our floor contractors established connections with several flooring shops, contractors, and builders as well as customers of our own.

As an ambitious team, we figured why stop there? We want to continue to build our customer base and serve them in the best way possible. Not only do we continue to install beautiful flooring with custom trims and moldings, but our fully-capable team can find, make or order whatever it is that you’re looking for as well. From the beginning of your project to the end, Floorscapes is here to ensure your vision is fulfilled.
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