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The questions you should ask the professional flooring installers of your choice.

Finding the Right Direction

When you search for floor installers near me, page after page of google results, search directories like Home Advisor, and reviews are at your fingertips. So, how do you truly separate the good from the bad? First, you need to be slightly educated on the topic. Would you buy a new car without researching the specifications, warranty, and maintenance that it entails? If you said yes, please be safe. If not, exactly. 

Professional flooring installers are there to help you and ensure your project runs as smoothly as possible.  However, not all flooring pros are created equally. The good ones entail professionalism, craftsmanship, and the endless need of always wanting to learn how to become better at their art. Before consulting with a professional, have an idea of the questions you want to ask and a realistic expectation of their response. We provided some examples for you below! 

What Type of Flooring Would You Recommend? 

Not all types of flooring will work in any type of room. For example, bathrooms typically have high moisture levels in comparison to other rooms in the home.  Flooring will have to stand up to water exposure, the risk of mold growth, and also be conscientious of slipping.  It's important to ask the local flooring installers of your choice what they would do. Test their knowledge and pay close attention to their answer and reasoning. 
What Type of Flooring is Best
Floor Prep Sanding Services

What's Your Preparation Process Like?

Before installing a new floor, the underlying layer must be clean, flat, and dry. It's like building a house on an unsteady foundation. A new flooring project won't last if these measures aren't met and materials aren't properly acclimated. Be sure to ask potential flooring installation companies what their preparation process entails.

Where Do You Source Your Flooring Materials?

A flooring is only as good as its materials. This goes beyond the flooring itself. Meaning, it's important to also consider the type of floor leveling compound, the glue, nails, etc. Our recommendation? Have two distinct brands in mind: one that you know is good and one that you know isn't. Ask the flooring team what their opinion of the brand is and gauge their response.
Local Flooring Installers

The Floorscapes Way

Since 2006, Floorscapes Flooring Specialists have been providing superior flooring installation services in Hudson, Stow, Cuyahoga Falls, and surrounding areas.  We take great pride in our level of customer service, expertise, and detailed craftsmanship.  Prior to each job start, one of our flooring professionals consult with clients to establish the best type of flooring and trim for the location, environment, budget, and aesthetic.  

When Floorscapes begins a project, we take ensure that materials are properly acclimated. Additionally, we perform tedious prep to ensure the subflooring is clean, flat, and dry prior to installation. Floorscapes has earned a well-known reputation within the industry for our floor leveling services and preparation. Last, but not least, we utilize the highest level of product quality and support local, American-made flooring companies as often as we can.
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