Mannington LVP Flooring

As of 2021, Floorscapes is a Mannington® Preferred Dealer. Our local flooring showroom proudly displays Mannington®  ADURA®Max, ADURA®Rigid, ADURA®Flex REALTA™ SPC, and Hardwood. 

LVP Flooring Installation

Free Flooring Consult

Of course, the flooring installation process starts with a flooring consultation by our team. Floorscapes learns more about the project vision, analyzes the current floor covering, detects problem areas, and takes proper measurements so we can issue as accurate a quote as possible.

Choosing the Right Product

Next, we take what we learn from the initial consult and help clients find the right product for the right application. During our consult, we consider the style of your home, the amount of traffic (location, pets, kids), and environmental conditions. Stop by our flooring showroom or receive samples of the best flooring products. 

Subfloor Prep Services

Given the quote is approved, a flooring is chosen, and installation is scheduled,  we'll skip ahead a bit. Floor prep services are absolutely crucial and one of Floorscapes core specialties. Floor prep can range from basic tear up and sanding to floor leveling including skimming and embossing.

Precision Installation

The primary goal of floor preparation is to get the subfloor as clean, flat, and dry as possible. Floorscapes likes to say that a new floor is only as good as what it sticks to. From there, the installation team pinpoints the focal point of the room, planning out the floor pattern, and installing LVP flooring.

Ready to find your favorite Mannington® LVP Flooring?


Visit Our Flooring Showroom

The Floorscapes team is beyond excited to share our showroom with you. We're helping better serve our clients by offering everything you need from the initial consult to the day of flooring installation. Floorscapes proudly a number of the best flooring products including Mannington®.  
From Mannington® laminate flooring to Mannington® LVP, Floorscapes can order any Mannington® flooring product you'd like!  


It's best to call to schedule a viewing! That way, one of the best people from our crew is there to help.

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Mannington® Retailers

Floorscapes is through and through a flooring installation company. As the industry evolves, weaknesses emerge and so do opportunities. We've noticed the need for additional services including custom trim installation and providing access to the best flooring materials. With that being said, Floorscapes focus always remains on installation and providing our clients the best customer services. 

That's why we only recommend particular brands with confidence. Like most retailers, there's higher end products and lower end products. The decision depends on what you're looking for. However, Mannington® is one of the best of the best in terms of flooring. Established in 1915, Mannington® is a now a global brand dedicated to becoming the best brand to do business with in the flooring manufacturing industry. 
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