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Floorscapes is known within our industry for providing the best subfloor prep work. 

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Clean, Flat, & Dry. 

Subfloor prep for flooring installation comes down to three factors for all types of floors: clean, flat, and dry.  The best flooring installation companies always take these characteristics into consideration before starting a job. If not, the likelihood of the floor's longevity greatly decreases. For example, if a floor is not properly cleaned, the installation is prone to lumps and the inability to be placed correctly. Are you concerned about your subfloor condition? Get in contact with one of our experts at Floorscapes and we'll give you a proper analysis. 
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Subfloor Prep for Hardwood

Hardwood is very temperamental when it comes to the flatness of your floor. The process is lot more tedious than vinyl and carpet. Subfloor prep for hardwood needs to ensure that the surface is flat. Hardwood has multiple seams. Therefore, if there's any type of rocks or residue leftover, installation won't go to plan. Additionally, expansion gaps and material acclimation are crucial to consider. For professional hardwood installation, ensure the integrity of the subfloor for the proper lock that hardwood demands.  

Subfloor Prep for Tile

Without proper subfloor prep services, tile floor installation won't last.  We'll resort to the core motto for subfloor prep: clean, flat, and dry. Tile floors are known to develop ridges in between tiles, excess lippage, high spots, and cracked tiles.  Before hiring tile installers, we highly recommend talking to a professional about the condition of your subfloor. 

Subfloor Prep for LVP 

LVP needs proper preparation to avoid telescoping the imperfections of the subfloor. Telescoping leads to unattractive lighting being reflected off of the flooring service and unwanted humps. Again, the subfloor needs to be as level as possible to avoid negative outcomes. Our experts at Floorscapes can dive into the details on our preventative processes for luxury vinyl floor installation!

What is Subfloor Repair?

Subfloor repair takes place when subfloor prep services aren't enough. Customers need repair services when damage from the environment has become too much. For example, excessive rotting, subfloor sinking, and gaps. How do you know you need your subfloor replaced? Common signs are loud floorboard squeaking, musty smells, and flooring shifts. Give us a call if you have any questions!

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