Sheoga Flooring

Truly unique, high-quality, solid hardwood flooring is tough to come by. That's why Floorscapes loves working with Sheoga flooring. The best part? Sheoga is American Made flooring. 

American Made Hardwood Flooring

Ethically sourced, Sheoga hardwood flooring has been expertly crafted for the last 30 years in Middlefield, Ohio.  Floorscapes is proud to partner with manufacturers who care as much about their product quality as we do about installation. 

Solid Hardwood Flooring

Sheoga hardwood flooring is a customer favorite when it comes to solid hardwood. 

Engineered Wood Flooring

Installing floor on concrete? Engineered wood flooring might work for you. 


Sheoga has earned a reputation for quality and precision with unparalleled hand-crafted flooring.

Varying Species

From the standard red oak flooring to maple and walnut, Sheoga has a lineup of species. 

Textured Hardwood Options

Providing a truly unique and custom look, Sheoga textured hardwood options are a sight to see. 

Pre-Finished & Raw Hardwood

Last but not least, if you can't find what you're looking for pre-finished, there's always the raw option. 

Ready to find the best solid hardwood flooring for your project?


Why we Prefer Sheoga Flooring

When it comes to the best solid hardwood flooring products, we know we're getting top quality with Sheoga. Sure, lead times can feel lengthy. However, that's to be expected when it comes to hand-milled, expertly-crafted, and truly unique solid hardwood. 

Sheoga offers an array of different species, grade options, texturing, plank widths, and finish options. The possibilities are truly endless and something you need to see for yourself. 

Added Perks 

Additionally, Sheoga carries Engineered hardwood flooring. However, their engineered flooring is well above average. Sheoga's wear layer on engineered products is 5.25 mm. In other words, providing a very durable and clean finish with the ability to sand and refinish in the future if desired. Plus, Sheoga's engineered floor is also available pre-finished, textured, or raw.

It'd be a bummer if we forgot to mention that Sheoga also crafts stair noses and transitions. Best yet, custom wood vents are available flush, with a rim, prefinished, raw, and/or textured! 
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Sheoga Flooring

The roots of Floorscapes revolve around professional flooring installation. As the industry grows, so do the opportunities. We've noticed that there was a lot of back and forth and lack of efficiency by sending clients elsewhere to find the best flooring products. So, the Floorscapes team grew into an additional role. Now, we proudly have a showroom located in Twinsburg, Ohio. 

Floorscapes' local flooring showroom proudly displays brands we trust and install with confidence in terms of quality. Find Sheoga hardwood flooring, ManningtonĀ® flooring, Karndean flooring, and more at Floorscapes! 

Schedule a Floor Showroom Visit

We prefer for customers to schedule a visit to our local flooring showroom. Why? Well, we want the best team member for the job to be there to chat with you about pros and cons of products for the specific installation you have in mind. 

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