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Local Flooring Companies

Consider Floorscapes when searching for top flooring companies in Cuyahoga Falls. Our team of flooring installation specialists takes the time to learn what our customers want out of their next home interior project. There are countless flooring options, including laminate, hardwood, tile, and more. In turn, each type offers individual characteristics that might make one type of flooring better than another, depending on the application. For example, hardwood flooring is not usually best for a bathroom or high moisture area. However, a laminate that looks like wood flooring can offer a similar appearance while withstanding areas prone to water. When it comes to flooring, the Floorscapes team is the expert. For challenging questions, recommendations, and even design opinions, we’re here to help.

Why Do You Need to Hire a Flooring Professional?

Picking the best flooring for your home can be a challenging task. With so many available materials and installation options, how can you be sure which one is right for your home? It has become increasingly common for people to choose DIY because they believe it will save them money by cutting out the middleman and reducing material costs. This may leave you wondering why you even need professional flooring companies. Why shouldn’t you just install the flooring yourself?

Forget the Hassle

Although DIY seems like an effective way to save money on your flooring, it introduces a myriad of potential costs and pitfalls. Many believe sacrificing material quality for lower pricing is the most cost-efficient option. However, lower quality DIY materials will eventually cost you more! These materials are much weaker than high-grade flooring options, so they peel and degrade much more quickly. As a result, you lose excessive amounts of money on repairs and maintenance you could avoid with a professional contractor.

With our immense experience in flooring materials and installation methods, we can offer much more value for your flooring than DIY. Our team of expert contractors can provide you with the finest craftsmanship in the industry. Additionally, if you do not know what materials you need for your project, we can offer recommendations based on your home’s environmental characteristics as well as you personal stylistic tastes. As a result, you receive a visual stunning new floor with the durability to last for many years after installation without expensive maintenance.

Floorscapes Inc. | One of Northeast Ohio’s Best Flooring Companies

Our business has built a well-earned reputation of not cutting any corners. We’re well known for our quality of work and the integrity of our business. From the beginning of the project to completely installed floors, our team is attentive, efficient and receptive. Each individual job presents its own unique style, various factors, and demands. Not only will we take the time to consult you on the proper flooring material needed for each specific area, analyze the property, but we also take the time to listen to your needs, wants and expectations.

Once you have purchased your flooring our installers will take over from there. Starting with the prep of the sub-floor, acclimation of flooring, installing, all the while keeping your home clean to a resulting end process of your gorgeous new floors. A floor that will endure for decades to come.

Like we said we are proud of our work, visit our Gallery page, let our results convince you why to hire us.

Precision Flooring Services

Uniformity and precision are crucial for any flooring installation. Thus, we always set aside 72 hours for material acclimation prior to installation. Many other contractors will advertise quicker turnaround speeds and 1-day installation. However, this can result in a variety of issues. If you do not allow the flooring materials to adjust to your home properly, many unsightly defects will form over time. Even the most minute difference can cause the materials to expand or contract, so it is always best to give them time to acclimate. With Floorscapes, your flooring materials always get the time they need to adjust, so you receive the finest craftsmanship and a beautiful finished product.

Bonded & Insured & Experienced

Floorscapes Inc. is Bonded and Insured. What does this mean for you? Sure possibly you could pay less with a company that isn’t bonded and insured. However, you might be taking on significant risks too, you will not be covered in the event something unfortunate does happen, plus you might end up with potentially sub-standard, non-permitted work. Additional added benefits if you ever sell your home, potential buyers may ask who did the work, did they get the required permits and inspections, and was the work done to code?

With experience comes wisdom and knowledge. Choose a company with years of service under their belt—Additionally, a company with highly satisfied customers who provide testimonials. Experience is essential when it comes to troubleshooting and providing timely solutions if a problem should arise. Work with an installer who will accommodate the unforeseen occurrence.

Contact Us Today!

New floors can bring an entirely refreshing new look to your home. If you’re considering installing new flooring, contact us today for a free in-home quote. We will fit into your schedule and work within the agrees time frame. You can trust the Floorscapes Inc. specialists for all your flooring installation needs.

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