Why We Stand Out Among Competing Flooring Companies

Floorscapes Installation Specialists takes pride in our reputable name and excellent service among Northeast Ohio’s flooring companies. Our team of flooring contractors satisfy each install with their attention to detail and consistent outstanding customer service. From start to finish, you can count on our team to always produce high quality work while respecting your home by continually maintaining a clean workspace.

While competing flooring companies might take pride in their clean up at the end of each project, our floor installers not only clean up before we leave, but often as we go. To us, cleanliness is part of how we show respect for our clients and their homes. Our team of professionals will never leave a mess for clients to clean up.

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One of Northeast Ohio’s Complete Service Flooring Installation Companies

Whether you’re looking for floor installation or a flooring repair, you can count on Floorscapes Installation Specialists. Serving both residential and commercial clients in Northeast Ohio, including Stow, Hudson, Cuyahoga Falls and the surrounding ares. Our teams provide flooring installation services across the Akron Cleveland area.

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A Flooring Company with a Team of Experts, We Don’t Just Hire Anyone

Talented floor installers are an invaluable asset and our team is comprised of only the best. We are courteous, professional, and friendly. Flooring isn’t just a job for us, it’s our passion.

Our flooring contractors are enthused about floors. From gorgeous hardwoods to heavy duty laminates, our floor installers are skilled and knowledgeable in all types of floors. Our crew understands that flooring isn’t just a surface meant to be walked on, it’s a surface that combines functionality with art. And when it’s installed correctly by a passionate, professional team, you get results that speak for themselves.

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Top of the Line Hardwood Floor Installation

If you find yourself searching for hardwood flooring companies near me, you can rely on nothing but the best with Floorscapes. Hardwood floors are one of the most fashionable floorings in any home. Adding beauty, warmth, and timeless character to your home. Hardwood floors have a classic elegance that will pair with whatever your decor style might be.

Our hardwood floor contractors take pride in their perfection, providing our customers with the highest quality of work. Floorscapes hardwood floor installers are committed every step of the way to ensure our customers’ hardwood flooring vision is fulfilled.

All wood flooring installs begin with the subfloor. Our experts have the knowledge and ability to fix any issues that may arise while assessing the condition of your subflooring. With over 10 years of experience as practiced veterans with professional experience from a number of big box stores across Northeast Ohio. If there is an underlying issue in the subfloor, such as cupping or sinking, our hardwood installation specialists have the knowledge and ability to fix it. Your floor is a work of art and we will treat it as such.

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Laminate Flooring Installation for Low Maintenance Flooring

Laminate floor installation is a popular request for our clients because of its resilience and durable surface. This popular flooring option is durable, stain resistant and mold resistant. It can be used in high traffic areas such as living rooms, hallways, and dining rooms. A properly installed laminate flooring is low maintenance and durable and can have a long life.

When it comes to laminate flooring, every job is different because of various factors. Including the acclimation of the material used and the condition of the subflooring. But your experience with Floorscapes Laminate Flooring Contractors will never change. If there is an underlying issue in the subfloor, such as cupping or sinking, our floor installers have the knowledge and ability to fix it. Your floor is a work of art and we will treat it as such.

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The #1 Vinyl Flooring Contractors in Northeast Ohio’s Flooring Companies

With over 10 years experience as flooring contractors, our team knows the key to a flawless vinyl flooring installation. Our vinyl floor contractors are practiced veterans with professional experience from a number of big box stores across Northeast Ohio.

Vinyl is an affordable and durable flooring option many homeowners love. You can sweep and vacuum luxury vinyl flooring or mop it with a variety of detergents without having to worry about the material discoloring. Most luxury vinyl floors are resistant to moisture, mold, and mildew.

Types of Vinyl Flooring We Install

  • Luxury Vinyl Planks – Luxury vinyl planks give you the appearance of real hardwood floors with the high costs of maintenance.
  • Luxury Vinyl Tile – Luxury vinyl tile can be arranged to create patterns and is easier to repair when damaged.

Hiring professional vinyl flooring contractors will help ensure you get the most out of your flooring. A properly installed luxury vinyl floor is durable and will last approximately 10 years, or even up to 20 if it’s well maintained and cared for.

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Flooring Companies with Organized Tile Flooring Contractors

Any experienced flooring contractor knows, tile flooring can be tricky and difficult to install, especially if applying a perplexing pattern and or unique edging. One misplaced tile will set back the entire project. This is why you need a reliable and efficient flooring company that will get the job installed, laid, set or placed correctly, and promptly the first time.

However, our team of tile floor contractors not only acquire the skills and knowledge but also the experience and organization skills. Hiring a contractor with organization skills is a must since installing tile flooring require mortars, adhesives, caulk, epoxy, and grout which all can dry out quickly. Our contractors will cut, prepare, and stack tiles in a coordinating system for a prompt install.

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