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If you are looking to begin a home improvement project, you need the expertise of only the best local flooring companies. Floorscapes stands among the top flooring installation companies in Northeast Ohio. We have been performing floor installations for over a decade, so you can depend on us to complete your project.

We have hard flooring options that offer a stylish aesthetic and other benefits including low maintenance needs and allergen-friendly materials. The Floorscapes floor installation specialists can tackle even the most unique and challenging projects. Thus, we can give you the best flooring for your home and your personal tastes.

Why Hire Local Flooring Companies?

Researching home improvement project typically yields numerous results involving the suggestion of DIY. Therefore, you may be wondering why you should pay local flooring companies rather than simply finishing the project yourself. Yes, it is entirely feasible to install your own flooring. However, you will lose out on the knowledge, precision, and expertise of an expert flooring installation company.

It is difficult for DIY projects to compare to the value our team of flooring specialists offers. We bring unparalleled knowledge of different flooring types and their characteristics. Our staff offers a deep understanding of every type of flooring, so they can discern which flooring is best for each application. Whether it is your bathroom, basement, kitchen, etc., it is paramount to choose flooring that withstands the surrounding environment.

Floorscapes offers unrivaled experience in installation, in addition to valuable knowledge. We use our knowledge of different flooring materials and installation expertise in tandem to finish the job properly the first time. Simply relying on a seasoned team of floor installation specialists will save you plenty of time and money.

Why Choose Floorscapes? | Local Flooring Companies

Floorscapes offers more than just flooring installation. We also offer an overall enjoyable and stress-free experience for all of our customers. We are both a floor installation company and an invaluable home improvement resource.

From flooring information to design recommendations, Floorscapes is a local flooring company that offers the dedication you need to complete your project. Furthermore, we offer custom trims and moldings, so you can truly personalize your home improvement project. Floorscapes is your one-stop-shop for all your flooring installation needs!

Respecting Your Home

We firmly believe that cleanliness is a sign of respect, so we will never leave your home looking disheveled at the end of a project. Our flooring installation specialists will exhibit the utmost respect for your home throughout the entirety of your project. If we were to ever leave a mess behind, we could not claim to be a respectful and attentive flooring contractor.

The Floorscapes team will clean up as the project proceeds, ensuring you are getting the most efficient work possible. We want to respect your home while making the most of your time and money. Here at Floorscapes, we would not appreciate contractors leaving messes behind for us to clean up, so we refuse to do that to our customers.

We Don’t Hire Just Anyone

Running one of the top local flooring companies means hiring only the best flooring specialists. We hire flooring installers who are courteous, professional and effective, so our customers only get the best possible service.

We consider flooring to be more than just a surface to be walked upon. It is an experience that merges both functionality and art into one. Therefore, we only hire those who exhibit the passion and professionalism necessary for creating functional beauty effectively. Choosing the Floorscapes teams means you will get results that are simply stunning.

Our team is comprised of proven flooring experts. Many people can install a floor; however, few offer the fervor necessary for installing flooring artistically. The Floorscapes team offers unmatched passion and dedication, so many Northeast Ohioans consider Floorscapes to be one of the leading local flooring companies.

Flooring Installation Done Right

Regardless of the material, it is important to allow the materials to adjust to their new environment for 72 hours before performing the installation. During this time, they will expand or contract according to each home’s environment. This crucial step in flooring installation ensures your flooring will last for many years.

Flooring materials will expand and contract even from the most subtle climate difference. Therefore, rushing installation and forcing the materials into space prior to proper acclimation may result in buckling, gaps, and other negative characteristics. Allowing for the adjustment takes some extra time, but it is absolutely necessary for ensuring you get the best-finished product.

Taking that extra bit of time to ensure product reliability makes a world’s difference in quality. Furthermore, our dedication to craftsmanship has made Floorscapes a leader among local flooring companies.

If you are looking to start a home improvement project, contact Floorscapes today!

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