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Searching for flooring installation companies for your next flooring project? Here at Floorscapes Inc. we have you covered. Floorscapes is a leading flooring installation company Northeast Ohio. We have over ten years in the flooring industry, so you can on our expert contractors to handle any flooring installation challenge. However, you might be wondering which flooring options are best for your home. Floorscapes offers a wide variety of stylish, low-maintenance, and allergen-free flooring options, so you can choose flooring that best suits you and your home. We can also provide recommendations if you are unsure of what you need. Our local, licensed and insured flooring contractors and specialists have the skills and experience to install the flooring you’ve been dreaming of.

Highest Quality of Work with Efficiency and Professionalism  

Floor installation is one of the most enduring investments homeowners can make. And with the diverse selections of flooring options available sometimes this can be an overwhelming process. Floorscapes works with you from start to finish ensuring that:

  • Your questions are answered
  • Selecting flooring materials within your budget
  • Developing your design vision
  • The project plan is followed 
  • Managing a clean and organized job site
  • Installed on time 
  • Highest standards of customer service 
  • 100% satisfied with your installation process

Why Do You Need Flooring Installation Companies?

Finding the best flooring materials and services for your home can be challenging and sometimes overwhelming. The options for flooring are seemingly endless, and there are countless DIY flooring methods. What are the benefits of hiring flooring installation companies? If you can save money with DIY, what is the point of hiring professionals?

DIY may seem like an effective method for saving money on your new flooring. However, DIY has brings along a myriad of hidden costs and troublesome issues. Most people believe DIY can both cut out the middleman and reduce material costs, but this leads to many pitfalls. DIY materials are typically much weaker and less reliable, so they peel and degrade much more quickly. As a result, you have to repeatedly perform costly repairs to maintain your flooring. You can prevent having to perform these repairs with a reputable flooring installation company.

Floorscapes offers unparalleled experience in flooring installation techniques as well as the many types of flooring materials. We offer significantly more value for your flooring than DIY installation options. Our expert contractors deliver the finest craftsmanship in the industry while providing attentive customer service. We can also offer assistance during your planning process. In cases where our customers are unsure of the materials they need, we provide expert recommendations to ensure you get the best flooring for your home and stylistic preferences. Additionally, you avoid the costly repairs you would need to perform with DIY.

Why Hire Floorscapes?

Here at Floorscapes, we understand that every flooring project is unique. Every customer has different needs, and every home introduces a variety of unique circumstances. Before performing your installation, we take all available information into consideration such as subflooring, flooring materials, environmental characteristics and much more. As a result, we can maintain more precision and give you more value for your dollar.

If we encounter any issues with your subflooring, we are readily equipped to solve these issues to ensure your flooring maintains a visually stunning aesthetic and lasts as long as possible. Floorscapes keeps an eye on even the smallest details, so you receive the flooring you deserve.

In addition, we will clean during and after the installation process, so you can enjoy your new flooring sooner without worrying about any cleanup.

Endless Possibilities With Our Flooring Installation Specialists 

With our experienced flooring specialists who not only keep up on the latest flooring trends but also have the experience and skills needed to install any flooring from tile installation, cork, hardwood floors, plank sheets, vinyl floorings, laminate flooring, and wood flooring. If you can envision it, we can design and install it.  

Additional Services 

In addition to our flooring installation, we do offer custom trims and moldings to complete your home project and compliment your new flooring. 

Call today for your free on-site consultation to witness yourself what sets us apart from any other installation company. We deliver with diligence, and accuracy always paying attention to the smallest of details and excellent friendly service.

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