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Flooring Installation Companies Near Me

Floorscapes Installation Specialists

Among the Best Flooring Companies

Floorscapes Inc. has been building its name as one of the best flooring companies in Northeast, Ohio since 2006. We offer every kind of flooring you can imagine, including tile, cork, laminate, luxury vinyl, plank, and hardwood. Including an endless color combination palette, for your imagination to run wild with. Designing flooring for unique expressions of the style of your home. In addition to flooring, we deliver the complete finished look with our custom trim, moldings, and backsplash.

Why Should You Hire Flooring Companies?

Choosing the right flooring for your home can be a bit overwhelming. There are seemingly endless options for materials and installations online, so how do you choose the best one? Many people default to DIY because they want to avoid wasting money on materials and services they do not need. You might be asking why you even need to hire flooring companies when DIY is an option. Why not just install your own flooring?

DIY options are becoming increasingly common, but are they really the most reliable option for your home? People use DIY to cut out the middleman and reduce material costs. However, DIY materials are typically much weaker and are prone to degradation. As a result, you spend extra money on frequent repairs and maintenance you could prevent with the help of reliable flooring companies.

Hiring Floorscapes installation specialists means you receive more value for your new flooring. We have a team of seasoned flooring contractors offering immense experience in flooring materials and precision installation methods. As a result, you receive superior craftsmanship and service for your project. If you are uncertain of which materials are best for your project, our staff can offer professional recommendations based on your home’s environment and your stylistic preferences. With Floorscapes, you not only receive stylish, durable flooring but also attentive service from industry experts. Additionally, stronger flooring means you can avoid paying for frequent maintenance.

Precision Flooring Services

Here at Floorscapes, we put a focus on the precision and uniformity of every installation we perform, so our customers always receive the finest craftsmanship. Thoroughness is a central principle of our service, and we refuse to cut corners. We set aside 72 hours for every flooring installation, so the materials have enough time to adjust to your home. Even the slightest difference can result in substantial expansions and contractions with the flooring materials. Thus, it is absolutely necessary to set aside time for acclimation and to ensure you get the best flooring possible.

Many of our competitors perform single-day installations and boast quicker turnaround speeds. However, this leads to a litany of flooring over time. Skipping the acclimation period for your flooring materials will result in many unsightly defects such as buckling and gaps. Choose Floorscapes you receive precision installation for your new flooring, so you do not have to worry about the formation of defects and extra repairs. We will give you flooring that is durable and functional with a style that suits your tastes.

Schedule A Free In-Home Analysis

Our flooring specialists take the time to deliver in-depth, paying attention to detail of individual floor types with your in-home analysis. Additionally, answering any questions you might have and ensure you get the correct flooring for its environment. They will take all the necessary measurements, including any other considerations of install with each individual project. All the while staying on track with your budget. Once the quote is finalized they will schedule your install date working within your time schedule.

At Floorscapes, we respect our deadlines as well as respect your space while doing it. We understand and respect that households have daily routines and the importance of returning to this as quickly as possible.

Installing Flawless and Creative Flooring Designs

Our authentic flooring and service will leave you with a long-lasting impression and a beautiful conversation piece that lasts for decades to come. We take pride in our designs, high-quality of installs, and our highly satisfied customers.

A Better Business Bureau-accredited business

Floorscapes Installation Specialists Inc. is a Better Business Bureau-accredited business and has achieved a Top Rated ranking from HomeAdvisor. Additionally, our team contractors come bonded and insured. Thus being added qualities to our expertise on all things flooring.

Call Floorscapes Today!

Now that you know how Floorscapes can help you and where to find one, call us today! Let’s discuss the size of your project, what you need out of flooring, and what you envision. Together we’ll create the interior of your dreams!

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